Custom Club Fitting


As we do in our entire company Combine Performance takes a much different approach when it comes to custom club fitting. Our top ranked fitters work closely with our instructors and fitness coaches to better understand how the client at hand moves and produces force upon the golf club. This crucial information is paramount when custom fitting a golf club to an individual. 

Team Combine also ALWAYS fits off of real grass and never off of artificial turf. It is irresponsible to fit someone off of turf as it has a major effect of launch, spin rates, and curvature of the golf ball. This false information favors the clubfitters and NOT the clients. 

When we understand all of your body measurements, your ability to produce force on an object, and playing goals we then are ready to build your set right on site to make sure that it’s exactly fit to you.

Did you know close to 90% of U.S. golfers are playing with equipment that is wrong for their game? And 92% of golfers that were custom fit with launch monitor technology saw immediate improvement, with 80% hitting the ball more accurately, consistently and farther?

Nothing beats the feel of holding a club you have confidence in. So join the 92% of golfers* who see immediate golf improvement through custom club fitting.

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