Everyone that we train at Combine Performance is an athlete regardless if they play a sport or not. We strongly believe that each person has the ability to be athletic. Our performance coaches facilitate the strength and conditioning of each of our athletes. What really separates us from any other gym or trainer is that we are constantly and consistently integrating a 360 deg, holistic approach to performing better. All of the Combine team works together with each athlete in all departments to fully insure that we are maximizing the full potential of each body. Nowhere provides this all under one roof! This is what makes us the very best and better than the rest.


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm-5:45pm

  • 4 to 1 (student to coach ratio)

  • Two 30 min 1 on 1 lessons per month

  • Two 18 hole rounds-on course coaching and training

  • Two 9 hole rounds-on course coaching and training

  • Tournament observation and guidance

  • Fitness (each day)

  • Rules of the game

  • Nutrition 101

  • Human Skills

  • Equipment Evaluation

  • Full Swing

  • Trackman Launch Monitor with Video

  • Trackman Launch Monitor with Video

  • Trackman Combines

  • Swing Catalyst and Boditrak Pressure data

  • 3D body motion capture

  • Short game

  • Putting

  • SAM Puttlab

  • Blast Motion

  • Green Reading

  • Chipping

  • Pitching

  • Trackman test centers learning to control distances

  • Pricing- Call for details

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