TeamCombine Coaches all teach with one very fundamental rule that we embrace in our culture; “what’s best for the client, period” Our coaches are highly skilled in many disciplines of the golf game and the swing. Their high level of knowledge mixed with the very best in technology allows them to expedite results and give the clients exactly what they want. 

We take a very different approach to the golf swing. We treat a client as if we were doctors and we need to cure an ailment. Our coaches collect a series of data points through human movement, athletic movement, and the club itself to determine what the best approach is to help fix the clients concerns. We practice a systematic approach to information collection on each client to better understand them and their golf wants and needs.

Because Combine Performance has professional in many fields of expertise they are armed with the ability to find a solution for every client.

1 on 1 Private Instruction

1 on 1 Private Instruction

  • $150 single

  • $650 5 pk  ($100 savings)

  • $1250 10 pk ($250 savings)

1 on 1 Private Instruction

  • $90 single

  • $375 5pk ($75 savings)

  • $775 10pk ($125 savings)

​Playing Lessons

  • 9 hole playing lesson-rates vary by season- call for details

  • 18 hole playing lesson-rates vary by season- call for details

Mini tour/ Collegiate Monthly Packages

  • $299 one time baseline evaluation includes:

    • Trackman Data

    • 3D body motion capture

    • Swing Catalyst and Boditrak Pressure data

    • Trackman Combine

    • Equipment Evaluation

    • Focusband evaluation

    • SAM Puttlab

  • $1199 per month includes:

    • one lesson per week

    • 3 1 hour training sessions per week-minimum 4 people per group

    • Pre nutrition and post recovery shake on training days

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