Michael Pinkey


Michael Pinkey

Founder Combine Golf Inc.



Arizona State University – Professional Golf Course Management


Professional Achievements:

  • Trackman Master Certified – Leading Expert in US

  • Preferred Partner of Trackman

  • TPI Level 3 Certified Golf Professional

  • Dr. Kwon Golf Biomechanics Instructor Level 1 Certified

  • David Leadbetter Certified Coach

  • Created IMG’s Fitting Performance Studio

  • Preferred Partner of MySwing 3D

  • Chosen as Director of Golf Performance at EXOS

  • Led country in sales for Trackman 3 year in a row

  • Won 2 World Long Drive Championships coaching Tim Burke

  • Educated and Certified over 100 teachers in US on Trackman technology

  • Have had the opportunity on TOUR to assist, teach, and educate several touring professional such as: Sean Foley, Claude Harmon III, Peter Kostis, Kevin Smeltz, Gary Gilchrist, Matt Killen, Chris Como, Jamie Mulligan, Camillo Villegas, Ben Crane, Mike Weir, Jason Gore, Michael Sim, Nick Watney, Casey Wittenberg, Derek Fathauer, Scott Piercy, Tim Burke, Julieta Granada, Laetitia Beck, Maddie Sheils, Hannah Arnold, Paula Creamer, Paul McGinley, Michael Jordan and many more!

  • Founded company Combine Golf Inc. in 2014


Professional Experience:


Combine Golf Inc. (DBA Combine Performance)– Founder (2014-Present)

  • Combine Golf is a full service golf performance company that has strategically formed a partnership with EXOS to provide the ultimate 360 degree approach to performance. Combine Golf offers a variety of services such as custom club fitting, building and repairing clubs, custom equipment work, golf lessons, mindset sessions, fitness programs, nutrition consulting, physical therapy, massage therapy, and golf course coaching.


EXOS (Athletes Performance) – Director of Golf Performance (2015-2017)

  • Contracted as Director of Golf Performance

  • Run all golf operations

  • Responsible for sales of golf division

  • Creating new opportunities and leads

  • Built corporate relationship with TROON

  • Worked closely with upper management to develop brand new programming G

  • Created the “Golf Experience”

  • Utilize all service not directly offered by Combine Golf


Trackman Golf Inc. – PGA/LPGA Tour Representative & Western US (2012-2015)

  • Led the company in sales 3 years in a row

  • Generated over $6.3 million dollars in sales

  • Taught Trackman University Education Seminars

    • Certified over 100 teachers, fitters, coaches

  • Played roll in developing and overseeing TPI’s new education platform that included Trackman education

  • Grew the presence and sales over 300% on LPGA Tour

  • Responsible for PGA and LPGA Tours

  • Traveled 38 weeks a year

  • Taught Education Seminar for the entire teaching staff (25) at IMG Academies to learn how to utilize technology in their teaching


IMG Academies – Instructor & Master Club Fitter (2009-2012)

  • Taught 2 groups of 6-8 juniors a day 3 years in full-time programs

  • Taught over 500 junior campers in summer programs

  • Developed and built out brand new fitting studio

  • Developed fitting processes and procedures for entire golf academy

  • Fit over 1200 clients

  • Increased sales 200% in first year, then another 100% next year

  • In charged of all golf academy staff’s equipment and clothing orders

  • Manager in charge of Pro Shop

  • Worked directly with David Leadbetter

  • Fit and built clubs for Paula Creamer and Casey Wittenberg

Travis Weza


Travis Weza

Teaching & Coaching Professional

(Combine Performance Coach)



Arizona State University – Professional Golf Course Management (BS Degree)


Professional Achievements:

  • Trackman Master Certified since 2012

    • 7th Master Elected Worldwide

    • 1 of 58 Trackman Masters Worldwide

    • Youngest Trackman Master Elected

  • PGA Class A Member since 2012

  • Dr. Kwon Golf Biomechanics Instructor Training Program Level 1 Certified

  • Forces and Motion Certified

  • University of Oregon Men’s Team Advisor – 2016 NCAA Champions

  • George Fox Women’s Team Advisor – 2016 NCAA III Champions


Professional Experience:


The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club (May 2015 – Present)

  • Lead Performance Instructor

  • Created a high-tech learning center for the membership and the public, which includes Trackman 4, high speed cameras, Swing Catalyst Pressure Plate, and MySwing 3D body motion capture technology.


Redtail Golf Center – Teaching Professional (March 2009 – May 2015)

  • Served as junior camp lead instructor, overseeing the instruction and well-being of over 1400 juniors each summer

  • Produced junior camp revenues exceeding $250K each year since I took over the position.

  • Taught over 1400 private lessons a year

  • Sold $54,189 worth of lessons from October 1, 2014 to April 8, 2015

  • Taught over 900 lessons from October 1, 2014 to April 8, 2015

  • Assisted fellow teaching instructors on properly understanding and utilizing Trackman technology

Andy Patnou


Andrew Patnou

TOUR Coach & Performance Specialist

(Combine Performance Coach)




Golf Academy of America – Associate of Applied Science


Professional Achievements:

  • Golf Digest Top 10 Best in State Instructor Arizona

  • Golf Digest Top 20 Best in State Instructor Arizona

  • Golf Digest Top 100 Instructors under the age 40

  • 3 time employee of the quarter at TPC Scottsdale TOUR Academy

  • 2 time Golf School instructor of the year TPC Scottsdale TOUR Academy


Professional Experience:


CIMB Golf Foundation – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Jan. 2013 – Present)

  • Developing aspiring junior golfers from Thailand, Malaysia, Signapore and Indonesia looking to obtain a college scholarship in the United States. 18 college scholarships to United States awarded to kids in the program.


TOUR Academy TPC Scottsdale (March 2010 – Present)

  • Lead Instructor with Corporate instruction for Waste Management, Zurich, MasterCard, AT&T and Citi Bank. Provided corporate instruction platform for VIP guest and clients all over United States and Canada.

  • Junior Asst Coordinator at TPC Scottsdale to over 60+ juniors

  • Utilized modern teaching systems such as Trackman launch monitor, V1 analyzer, BodiTrak, Zepp, Blast Motion Sensor and SAM Putt Lab


Special Highlights:

  • Strong Clinic Presentation Skills

  • High Standard of Personal Appearance

  • Highly Experienced in Video Lessons

  • Strong understanding of modern technology in teaching

  • Club Fitting Experience

  • Contributor writer to Golf Magazine

  • Strong Social Network Following

  • Skills in video editing




Bill Grove – TPC Scottsdale (retired)



Niel Gunn – PGA TPC Sawgrass Instructor



Steve Hanlon – Director of Instruction at John’s Island Club CC


Austin Meason


Austin Meason

Fitness Performance Specialist



Fitness by Austin Meason, Mesa AZ Athletic director, October 2015- Present

  •         ●  Guide clients in safe exercise, taking into account individualized physical limitations. 

  •         ●  Lead clients and occasional groups of all ages through personal workouts and skill 
development training. 

  •         ●  Carefully evaluated member needs and assisted them in achieving personal fitness 
Rewind Golf LLC, Scottsdale AZ 
CEO, October 2014- October 2015 

  •         ●  Consistently attain facility targets, including revenue goals and member retention rates. 

  •         ●  Administer fitness assessments, which include the seven point skin-fold body fat 
measurements, blood pressure, and treadmill tests. 

  •         ●  Counsel clients on proper nutrition and exercise habits. 

  •         ●  Taught clients how to modify exercises appropriately to avoid injury. 

  •         ●  Arrived on time, prepared and attentive for every training appointment. 
Stomp Golf LLC, Scottsdale AZ 
Director of Fitness, December 2013- October 2014 

  •         ●  Assisted in the operation of a clean, friendly, and well maintained health club. 

  •         ●  Recorded training sessions and maintained package rates for each client. 

  •         ●  Helped older adults with weight training by setting up equipment and providing 

  •         ●  Carefully evaluated member needs and assisted them in achieving personal fitness 
Columbine High School, Littleton CO 

  •         ●  American Council on Exercise Certification 2013 

  •         ●  Core Training Specialist through ACE 

  •         ●  Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching through ACE 

  •         ●  ACE integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) Model for Exercise Program Design through 

  •         ●  Martial Arts Training for Personal Trainers through ACE 

  •         ●  Tathata Golf Certification 



● I specialize in golf performance through fitness. I’ve worked with all levels of golfers ranging from amateurs to tour professionals.

Sean-Kelley Quinn

Mental Conditioning Consultant

 Sean-Kelley Quinn is a Mental Conditioning Consultant with elite experience from some of this country’s top performance training venues. A graduate of UC Davis in Human Development, Sean also earned his Masters Degree in Sport Psychology from JFK University. He is a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (#555) and has obtained thousands of hours working with clients from diverse backgrounds including Professionals in the Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Golf world as well as executives from a variety of top corporations.

After completing his studies, Sean gained valuable experience in the performance space at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida and EXOS in Phoenix, Arizona working as a mental conditioning consultant for some of this country’s top youth, amateur, and professional athletes.

His approach with clients is to help them obtain Optimal Performance by navigating through what life has to offer by creating realistic plans, developing confidence through experience, and teaching them to exceed expectations.

Strategies are formulated around building confidence by awareness, acceptance, motivation, concentration, focus, attention/emotional control, positive self-talk, team cohesion, visualization, and developing proper routines.

Supplemental to teaching mental skills Sean incorporates modern technology such as video editing, applications, and biofeedback to help clients not only see, but feel what it is like to be confident and in control.

Ashley Rice


provides athletic and general rehab services for those seeking preventative or with acute and chronic pain.  

Combine coaches start by putting clients, whether injured or not, through a Movement Screen to determine whether they need to see a physical therapist. Instead of examining or treating the injury as an isolated ailment, Combine looks at the big picture, often evident through the screens, to see if the injury is a symptom of larger dysfunctional movement patterns.

From there, Combine creates an integrated treatment plan that can involve physical therapists, trainers, massage therapists, all working together. It’s a patient-centric approach to restoring function and getting them back to full, pain-free function.

Patients, including athletes at the elite level, often give little thought to the role of nutrition in the recovery process. An anti-inflammatory diet, however, can expedite the recovery process while a poor diet can hinder it. Combine helps the clients seek out dietitians to provide athletes with a nutritional evaluation and plan that, if followed, can be as important as any part of the recovery process.

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